Album Review : Metal Church , Damned If You Do.

Nita Strauss was once asked about a couple of songs on her new album Controlled Chaos. She said she preferred not to say what her songs were about but would rather like the fans to figure out and determine for themselves. So here goes.

It is impossible to look at the album and its creator separately. Controlled Chaos is a fiercely independent statement from Hurricane Nita. The world largely recorgnizes Nita from her time with Alice Cooper but there are so many more facets to her than just that. Her love for pro-wrestling makes for the perfect analogy here (hey Nita: tell Becky Lynch we said hello). What we see on stage is an immaculate performer who takes one facet of her personality and dials it up to 11. There is a whole lot more to Nita than Alice Cooper. She is the first female guitarist to have her own Ibanez signature model guitar. There is touring, studio work, videos, more touring, underground gigs, guitar clinics, PR and all that business stuff. The term Hurricane applies not only to to her sound but her schedule too. We may have joked about it on our interview but sometimes it really seems like she has 26 hours in her day. A huge shout out here to Josh for being a pillar behind the scenes for Nita and the album.

Back to the album itself – listeners can figure out and argue over what the songs mean to them and which ones are their favorites. We tend to look at albums from three perspectives: Is there a compelling origin story to it? When you put it on, does it make you stop whatever you are doing and compell you to pay attention? Does it make you want to buy tickets for you and your friends when the gig comes to a venue near you? When it comes to Controlled Chaos, the answer is a yes to all three. Its going to be very exciting to see a Hurricane Nita show – the band she has put together is killer. She really should seriously consider a live album down the road – all the ingredients for magic are already there.

Controlled chaos is a reflection of a strong woman determined and driven to establish her unique identity. Like WWE’s all women’s PPV Evolution (where Nita opened the show), it is a positive empowering sign for young women growing up in the #metoo era. We can’t wait for the tour and the follow up album.