Podcast : Episode 01: Richie Malone of Status Quo.

There is perhaps no better guest for our very first episode. From watching his rock idols live as a kid to playing with them today, Richie Malone is living the rock and roll dream. We talk to him about all things Status Quo and of life on the road with the iconic band.

There are many stories in rock and roll about how a fan ended up playing in his favorite band. But Richie Malone’s story has to be the most rock and roll of all of them. His father was a huge fan of Status Quo and took Richie to their gigs. This started a chain of events that ended up in Malone stepping into the shoes of his mentor and band co-founder Rick Parfitt. Today Richie is living the rock and roll dream – making albums and touring with his favorite band from childhood.


There are other parts to Richie’s story we could not cover in our talk – the years of practice and determination, his time with his earlier band RAID, more about his relationship with Rick (the clip of the Rick-Richie soundcheck incident is on YouTube) – which are topics for the next time we catch up. With Status Quo in the studio now, it will be fun to see what Rossi has got cooking. Given the band’s iconic status worldwide, it will certainly deserve a tour outside of the UK and Europe. There are factors like age and minimum production values at play here, but nothing that cannot be overcome by some careful planning by good promoters.

Of all the topics we spoke about that evening, the one thing that really stuck with me was the part about the father bonding with his son over music and concerts – it is a tradition that the world could use a lot more of, particularly in current times. What makes it even more special is that Richie is now a father himself – so grandfather and grandkids can go to a Status Quo concert to see Dad right on stage. It does not get any more magical than that and there is no doubt that Rick would wholeheartedly approve.