Podcast : Episode 02: Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater.

It was always going to be tough to cover all topics with Jordan in the hour we had. We also failed miserably, leaving several things to discuss with him perhaps another day. Things like his road trips as a representative for synthesizer companies, how that got him great access to the newest technologies and allowed him to make a living in those tough early years. There were stories we wanted to go into – about the early days of Liquid Tension Experiment and how his road rig has changed over the years. There are stories of Dream Theater that could fill a season of its own. We could not even discuss his views on AI in music and where will that lead to.

There is no doubt that he remains an inspiration to many young musicians around the world. Dream Theater has an insane following in India, including among local musicians. But Rudess has taken that one step further with Geoshred – and is engaging with those fans and musicians in a whole new creative way. The implications of Geoshred are huge – it is the right use of technology (to enable, not replace humans). If you are an Indian classical musician, an iPad that runs GeoShred is a lot cheaper than a quality instrument, and it has little chance of being destroyed in flight baggage! Extrapolate use of technology like Geoshred and amp simulators to small venues and suddenly venues need to spend a lot less on equipment for live music, especially in developing countries where an iPad is easier to obtain than a quality guitar amp or a high end keyboard.

In between leading this technology company, touring and recording with DT, teaching at Stanford, having his own MOOC, Rudess will embark on his solo tour called Bach to Rock – where its just him and the piano – a far cry from the sound and light wizardry of a Dream Theater show. The wizardry is on the ivories – as Rudess gives us a stripped down version of his musical journey – from the virtuoso beginnings at Julliard via Rick Wakeman’s seminal work to some Dream Theater. This project clearly means a lot to him on an introspective and personal level – as he firmly stakes his claim in the list of all time greats. And therefore, it should be a real treat to watch. The tour sadly doesnt make it to India and Singapore is the next closest venue as he tours through SE Asia and Down Under.

For more information on the tour and on what Jordan is upto head to https://www.jordanrudess.com