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Photo Stories : Kreator, Dimmu, Hatebreed and Bloodbath.

Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir

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Podcast : Episode 03: Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper.

Controlled Chaos – The Album Review Nita Strauss was once asked about a couple of songs on her new album Controlled Chaos. She said she preferred not to say what her songs were about but would rather like the fans to figure out and determine for themselves. So here goes. It is impossible to look...

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Podcast : Episode 02: Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater.

It was always going to be tough to cover all topics with Jordan in the hour we had. We also failed miserably, leaving several things to discuss with him perhaps another day. Things like his road trips as a representative for synthesizer companies, how that got him great access to the newest technologies and allowed...

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Podcast : Episode 01: Richie Malone of Status Quo.

There is perhaps no better guest for our very first episode. From watching his rock idols live as a kid to playing with them today, Richie Malone is living the rock and roll dream. We talk to him about all things Status Quo and of life on the road with the iconic band. There are...

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Gig Review : Firepower Tour, Judas Priest w Baby Metal.

Firepower Tour w Judas Priest and Baby Metal With Confidence a diverse setlist to the fans of the east coast just this past Friday. The show was packed with songs energetic to mellow songs allowing the crowd to sing along and for fans new and old to fall deeper in love with lead singer Jayden...

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Gig Review : European Apocalypse Tour w Kreator, Dimmu Borgir, Hatebreed and Bloodbath.

METAL THRASHING MAD The show started off with opening act Small Talks which is led by girl singer Cayley Spivey. Although Small Talks have a notable sound, the bands songs weren’t enough to get the crowd moving, something that would’ve helped to create a dynamic set. Despite this minor flaw, the band had a developed...

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